About Us

An about us? Well we could write a book on the ups and downs that we faced in the hobby! Heck, everybody wants the best for their pets, but don’t know where to start from.

Bubbles N Troubles was born truly out of frustration. Frustration of not getting access to the right medication, not knowing the exact dosage as every mouth suggested differently.

We believe that the right medication at the right dosage at the right time will cure every fish most definitely.

We are owners of pets which don’t have many vets! Almost every time a hobbyist ends up dosing low (causing no effect) or dosing high (killing the fish) or worst giving them human grade meds!

We at Bubbles N Troubles provide solutions to all your fishy troubles in a bubble! One place, one website with all that you would need. From curing hexamita, to white poop in fish, to hole in the head, to the worst diseases like plague! We have a cure for each!

Formulated in Germany our aquatic remedies are a life saver and a nourisher to our pets. Oh and not to forget our highly sterilized FRESH FROZEN BLOODWORMS and FRESH GEL BLOODWORMS, sterilized INTERNALLY and EXTERNALLY through a gel formulation which is also patented by us.

With this being said, we would like you to try our products. Put your trust in us and we guarantee that you won’t use any other products!

Again, we take care of every single customer of ours and everything fishy that comes along!